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2017 Submissions

caves.dll (WIP) Video Game Song
Darker Heights Industrial Song
Negateveq Dance Song
Negateveq Preview Dance Song
DV_HC looptest1 Video Game Loop
Miles Above (WIP, no voc) Trance Song
DV:HC Intro Prototype 6 Cinematic Song
DEUS VAS: Intro Prototype Cinematic Song

2014 Submissions

epic sci-fi shit maybe Cinematic Song
it gets fun I promise Techno Song
the internet is serious Techno Song
016 Ambient Song
krispy kicks Techno Song
depressing edm shit Dance Song
Timeless A-2 Cinematic Song
funky house bullshit House Song
accelerated absence Industrial Song
be creative n shit Miscellaneous Song
generic edm simulator Dance Song
HArDcOre OriGiNalitY Techno Song
Qosmoline - Preview Techno Song
Moar Generic Trance Trance Song
Raw Kick Demo [hardstyle] Techno Song
the last hour of my life Techno Song
Qold Phuzion [Hardstyle] Techno Song
Exodus Title Video Game Song
old shiet Trance Song
Hoooooooolllyy Shhshieeet Techno Song
Noise Mode [hardcore] Techno Song
Master of Defects Techno Song
lol wat have i done House Song
what am I doing Techno Song
skittles and speed Dubstep Song
fucking gay Techno Song
does this make me popular Dubstep Song
Grumpy Hardstyle Techno Song
IDKWTF Trance Song
fagstep Dubstep Song
Here Have This Techno Song
Triangle Is A Color (a#) Techno Song
Triangle Is A Color (hs) Techno Song
Eden A Ambient Song
We Need More Trance Trance Song
More crap (Hardstyle) Techno Song
CRUNCHY (Hardstyle) Techno Song
40 Seconds of Crap Techno Song
Doctorpocamopus (Full) Trance Song
Showtek - Freak (DONE) Techno Song
Showtek - Freak (Remix) Techno Song
Doctorpocamopus REVERSED Trance Song
This Is Not Dubstep House Song
Menu Music Revamp Classical Song
Abyss (Redone) (sorta) Drum N Bass Song
Doctorpocamopus Trance Song
Trying To Make Menu Music Miscellaneous Song
Mastering Is For Pussies Techno Loop
Damn Delayed Delay Trance Song
Janitor Rave Techno Loop
Definitely a Happy Track Ambient Song
Excellent Vegetable Strategy Techno Loop
Abyss (WIP) (DNB) Drum N Bass Song
Bipolar Cereal (Hardstyle) Techno Song